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The Impacts of Inaccurate EPR Data

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy tool that shifts the financial responsibility of the collection, treatment, and sorting costs of packaging waste from the taxpayer to organisations placing packaging onto the UK market. For many businesses, the recent passing of the first submission deadline on 1st October 2023 has brought into focus the increased complexity of reporting requirements compared to the previous system

With data being the foundation of the UK EPR for Packaging policy, in this blog Clarity discusses the importance of data accuracy and completeness, and the possible financial, legal and environmental implications of inaccurate data.

Financial Impact

One of the foremost impacts of inaccurate EPR data is its possible financial ramifications. With a single point of compliance, the costs incurred by ‘Brand owners’ and ‘Importers’ are likely to increase substantially. Inaccurate data could potentially lead to these obligated producers paying more than necessary. Seemingly small inaccuracies could have significant financial impact under EPR.

Legal Consequences

Producers obligated under EPR have a legal requirement to submit data that is ‘as accurate as is reasonably possible’. Inaccuracies in data submissions may invite scrutiny from regulatory authorities which could result in enforcement action, possibly leading to legal, financial and reputational implications. Data accuracy ensures compliance and peace of mind.

Environmental Implications

Precise and accessible packaging data empowers businesses to make informed decisions around the environmental impact and sustainability of their packaging. In contrast, inaccurate data could steer companies toward misinformed decisions, adversely impacting not only their financial performance but also their reputation and commitment to sustainable practices.

How can Clarity help?

In 2024, some organisations will have 8 separate compliance reports: Plastic Packaging Tax, Shared Responsibility submission, The Plastic Pact, and Extended Producer Responsibility. As the regulatory landscape becomes increasingly complex, with increased scrutiny from the regulators such as the EA and HMRC, it is more important than ever to achieve accuracy in your packaging data.

With our team of packaging compliance and data experts, Clarity can help your business stay compliant, save time and achieve peace of mind. If you would like to find out more about how our EPR solutions can work for your business, please reach out to us or book an EPR consultation to discuss your needs below.

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