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Clarity announces strategic leadership restructuring as it unveils listing on FEBE Growth 100 list

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that after over 20 years of remarkable success under the purposeful guidance of Founder David Honcoop, Clarity celebrates his transition to the role of Chairman, recognising his profound contributions to the company.

With an unwavering commitment to service and quality, Clarity has achieved an outstanding track record of client satisfaction, coupled with numerous industry accolades, such as the recent nomination in the FEBE 100 list. Alongside this leadership restructuring, Natalie Rea steps into the position of CEO, bringing her extensive experience and a client-centric approach to further drive Clarity’s growth and innovation. These transformative changes reflect Clarity’s continued dedication to making a positive difference in the world while delivering high quality, cost-effective services.


David Honcoop smiling at a conference table


After a remarkable tenure as managing director of over 20 years, David Honcoop, the founder of Clarity will now transition into the role of Chairman. Our recent nomination in the FEBE 100 list is a fitting milestone as we celebrate his tenure and acknowledge the incredible achievements made possible through his guidance.

One of the key achievements that David and our entire team prioritise above all else is our unwavering commitment to service and quality. This commitment has been instrumental in our outstanding track record of client satisfaction, consistently surpassing a remarkable 98% retention rate. In fact, we often achieve the extraordinary feat of retaining 100% of our clients year after year.

Our clients have described our team as exemplifying the “highest levels of customer service experienced from any Environmental Compliance Scheme.” You can read our testimonials here. In addition to delivering exceptional service that has propelled us to become one of the fastest growing compliance schemes and maintain our position as a market leader in client retention, we have also won several awards over the years of David’s tenure including: Business Magazines ‘Top sustainable businesses’ list, London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ and The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic ‘Fast Track 100’.

Now as he transitions into the role of Chairman, he proudly completes his journey as Managing Director with a listing in For Entrepreneur’s By Entrepreneur’s (FEBE) Growth 100 list, which showcases the finest and fastest-growing privately owned businesses in the UK, where the founder(s) are still involved.  This recognises Clarity’s outstanding achievements in driving rapid growth and innovation within the environmental sector.

Strategic Leadership Restructuring 

With the business having grown considerably within the last year, with a 38% increase in headcount, it is with great pleasure we announce the promotion of Natalie Rea to the position of CEO. David is handing over the baton to our newly appointed CEO who will carry forward our commitment to making a difference to the world and all who occupy it.

Natalie has been an integral part of Clarity for the past four years, contributing significantly to the strategic direction of the business. Starting as a Strategic Executive Consultant, she later took on the role of Director of People and Strategy, where she played a vital role in aligning our human resources with our overall strategy.



With a diverse background in developing strategic leadership across multiple businesses and industries, along with providing consultancy to numerous leaders in both SMEs and large international businesses, Natalie brings a wealth of experience to her role and an in-depth understanding of the obstacles confronted by business leaders, therefore demonstrating empathy towards our clients’ needs and challenges. This empathy serves as a compass for her decision-making, ensuring that the requirements of our clients’ businesses remain the central focus of all our endeavours.

This announcement comes alongside the promotion of Chris Taylor to the role of Director of Operations. In this position, Chris will be responsible for the smooth operational functioning of our business, allowing Natalie to focus on future-oriented strategic enhancements and service improvements.

With the expanding portfolio of members, the role of our Director of Compliance Services, Martin Trigg-Knight, has gained greater responsibility in the overseeing of our compliance divisions. Martin continues to drive industry-leading customer service.

Embracing tomorrow 

In line with the restructuring of our leadership team we have also re-aligned Clarity’s mission emphasising the power of collective action. In ‘uniting the world of business in the protection of the world we live in’ we can come together as large groups of purposeful businesses to make an impact on the world and all who occupy it.

It is our mission to make a difference to the world and all who occupy it: helping improve lives, protect nature and make the environment around us a better place to live.

We achieve this by providing expert, ethical, cost-effective environmental care and compliance services.

Uniting the world of business in the protection of the world we live in.

We deeply understand the significance of streamlining compliance processes, ensuring they are both manageable and cost-effective. By doing so, we empower businesses not only to meet their responsibilities but also to showcase their positive impact on the environment and enjoy the reputational benefits of sustainable growth.

To support our clients, we have made significant investments including:

  • Our new cutting edge Data Platform, Clarion – enabling sophisticated intelligence and reporting.
  • Our advanced EPR Dashboard enabling a seamless transition to Extended Producer Responsibility.
  • Our new website and branding, serving as a hub for accessible guidance, offering knowledge pieces, industry updates, videos, and webinars to support our clients.
  • 40% increase in headcount within our compliance management teams.
  • Expanded our team of data experts by 150%.

In the upcoming year, our focus will be on further improving our systems and processes, expanding the information, guidance, and intelligence we offer to assist our clients in growing their businesses and showcasing their environmental impact, allowing our members to enjoy enviable market positioning and strong brand engagement.

Acknowledging the complexities of evolving regulations, we prioritise accessibility for our clients. As the landscape of regulations, particularly in relation to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), continues to evolve, we understand the increasing need for comprehensive guidance and support. If you require EPR support or wish to learn more, we invite you to view our Knowledge and News pages and book a free consultation with one of our experts here.



We extend our gratitude to our incredible team, who have wholeheartedly embraced these values since our establishment in 2002. Their tireless dedication to upholding our values has greatly contributed to our long-standing success. We also extend our ongoing appreciation to our clients and suppliers, partnering with us to unite the world of business in the protection of the world we live in. We look forward to achieving even greater heights together.

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