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David has a diverse background spanning the waste, recycling, and telecom sectors. He began his career in the waste industry, managing landfill sites and a waste collection fleet for his family business.

David founded Clarity Environmental (initially API Trading) in 2002. The company’s primary focus was packaging recovery note (PRN) sales. Since its inception, Clarity has experienced remarkable growth and has become one of the largest PRN traders in the UK.

Since then, David created Clarity’s WEEE compliance scheme as well as Clarity’s packaging compliance scheme, Comply with Clarity which is now one of the largest schemes in the UK.

Moreover, David launched Restored Earth, an organisation dedicated to acquiring, decontaminating, restoring, and planting land to create natural habitats. This initiative also aims to provide public amenity and education.

Currently, David serves as Clarity’s Chairman, having stepped back from his previous role as Managing Director. In his current capacity, he focuses on brand development, risk analysis, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. David’s expertise and dedication ensure the smooth operation of the business and further reinforce Clarity’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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