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About Clarity

It is our mission to make a difference to the world and all who occupy it: helping improve lives, protect nature and make the environment around us a better place to live.

We achieve this by providing expert, ethical, cost-effective environmental care and compliance services.

Uniting the world of business in the protection of the world we live in.

What our clients say about us

We regularly review client feedback and listen closely to our clients to help us continuously improve. Our documented client feedback describes Clarity Environmental as “transparent, knowledgeable, informative, trustworthy, supportive, always going above and beyond, easy to reach in times of need and true market experts” to name a few. It is our robust focus on quality which enables large international brands to trust us and remain with us year on year.

We highly value the extra effort that Clarity continue to invest in accommodating our needs. Their willingness to go above and beyond in organising and facilitating meetings for us is truly appreciated.

Clarity’s commitment to educating our business and board on EPR through insightful presentations has been invaluable. Our Compliance Manager Glynn’s knowledge base and informative contributions is greatly appreciated.

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What our team members say about us

We prioritise retaining our exceptional talent and nurturing our long-standing team of experts, this enables those we work with to experience service excellence from well-established industry specialists.

We are proud to see our staff say “My quality of life has improved since joining Clarity, I have never been so supported in a workplace, I have received many training courses with past employers and nothing comes close to Clarity training

Our dedicated team demonstrate care, agility and passion to challenge themselves to become better every day to improve lives, protect nature and make the environment around us a better place to live.

Get in touch

If you would like more information about our services, please contact our specialist team on 0845 129 7177 or