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Vikkie, the Assistant Director of People and Culture at Clarity, brings extensive experience and a diverse skill set to the team. Joining Clarity in June 2011 as a Project Manager, Vikkie’s background in telecoms and marketing provided a solid foundation for her role. For 10 years, she expertly managed our WEEE compliance scheme.

Recognising her strong leadership abilities and passion for nurturing talent, Vikkie transitioned to the People team as the Head of Coaching and Development in 2022. Through her dedication and commitment, she quickly advanced to her current role as Assistant Director of People and Culture.  

In her role, Vikkie leads the coaching and development programme for all team members. She creates a safe space where staff can openly share their career aspirations, and actively supports them in achieving their goals. Vikkie’s profound knowledge and understanding of our business and the industry as a whole allows her to oversee our Business Development and Business Support teams. Vikkie’s holistic management approach ensures the best possible customer experience for our clients. 

Vikkie’s leadership skills, combined with her industry expertise, make her an invaluable asset to Clarity. She is committed to empowering our team, fostering personal growth, and facilitating a positive working environment. Through her efforts, Vikkie plays a vital role in driving the success of our organisation and delivering exceptional service to our clients as well as creating an outstanding employee experience for all staff.   

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