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Dan Fullylove, our Membership Team Manager within the environmental compliance division, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. Dan plays a crucial role in assisting businesses obligated under the Extended Producer Responsibility and WEEE regulations.  

Joining Clarity in 2016, Dan initially worked in our PRN team. After a brief departure, he gained valuable experience as an Account Manager for one of the largest Physical Activity Trade Shows. We were thrilled to welcome Dan back to our organisation in March 2019.  

With his extensive experience in packaging compliance and his diverse background within the company, Dan now leads a team of packaging compliance specialists. His deep understanding of the industry and his multifaceted roles across various departments make him a valuable resource for businesses seeking to navigate their environmental responsibilities.  

As a leader, he not only provides strategic direction to his team but also fosters a collaborative and supportive environment. His commitment to delivering exceptional value to our members, ensuring our members receive the necessary guidance and support to meet their regulatory requirements effectively. 

With Dan’s leadership and expertise, our membership team continues to empower businesses to understand and fulfil their environmental responsibilities. His contributions are integral to our commitment to providing comprehensive compliance solutions and delivering exceptional service to our clients. 

Phone: 01273 391 126 | Mobile: 07425 646 910

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