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Why reviewing packaging schemes may save you time and money under EPR

With Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) imminent there is no better time than now to review your packaging scheme.

On the 30th September 2022, most packaging compliance schemes will automatically renew your contract for another year, and you will not be able to swap schemes again until September 2023.

Does your packaging compliance scheme meet the specific needs of your business? Are you receiving a personalised service and feeling completely clued up on upcoming legislation like EPR?

If you answered no, now is the time to review your options.

Why do I need to review my scheme before the introduction of EPR?

EPR is set to revolutionise the world of waste and recycling and it will impact brand owners significantly. Any cost savings you can make now will be particularly valuable under EPR, and the more informed you are on EPR the better the outcome will be for your business.


1. Taking control

With the introduction of EPR and its complex nature, reviewing your scheme will allow you to take control and decide whether you feel confident that your current scheme will support your business and employees through a time of huge change.


2. Cost rationalisation

If you are a brand owner, the reality of EPR is that you will most likely have to pay significantly more than you are currently paying. Against the backdrop of exponentially rising costs, it is essential to minimise costs wherever we can; if your costs and invoices are unclear now, it is likely they will become even less clear under EPR. Do you have clarity on what your scheme charges you? Reviewing and switching your scheme allows your business the opportunity to accurately forecast EPR costs or your specific business so that you can budget accordingly.


3. Meeting your specific business needs

Reviewing your scheme before the implementation of EPR means that you will be able to identify your business needs and how exactly a packaging scheme can meet them. Although EPR is applicable across many industries, every business is unique with unique needs; if you are not receiving a personalised service, tailored to the needs of your business it will become much harder to manage risk under EPR. Is your scheme helping you prepare?


4. Achieving a seamless transition to new legislation

Remaining with your current scheme without review prevents you from the option of a stress-free and seamless transition to not only EPR but all upcoming legislative change such as the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS). A proactive approach to new legislation is crucial to cost management, particularly under EPR.


5. The wider impact on your customers

Without a well- informed, collaborative and proactive approach to EPR the impact on your customers could be significant. To avoid hiking up prices to account for EPR costs, review your scheme to ensure you are receiving the best service, tailored to your needs, at the lowest possible cost.


How can I switch packaging schemes?

Switching to Clarity is hassle free and easy to do. All you need to do is:


  1. Send a resignation email to your current scheme before the 30th September.
  2. Review your packaging compliance options with Clarity’s helpful team of Account Managers.
  3. Let us do the rest. We will take care of the switch and help you ensure you are EPR ready for 2023.

How can we support you in your switch?

The process could not be simpler, just a few moments spent switching now could save you on cost, time, and resource in the future.

Please click the button below to see how we can support you in your switch.

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