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WEEE Recyclers to Access Financial Help

WEEE Support Grants and Loans Package launched to support the WEEE sector through the Covid-19 pandemic.

WEEE Fund 2019 Compliance Fee Advisory Panel has announced its “WEEE Support Grants and Loans Package” to help support the WEEE sector as the impact of covid-19 continues to constrain the flow of electricals.

The WEEE Fund is made up of money collected from compliance schemes in the WEEE sector. The WEEE Fund collected £10.6m over 2017 and 2018, collected through a compliance fee, paid when producer compliance schemes miss their targets. The money is intended to help projects in the areas of research, communication, behaviour change and local recycling and reuse projects.

£5.6 million of the fund is now available in the form of interest free loans and grants made available to AATFs. £600,000 is exclusively available in the form of grants to the charity sector within the electrical equipment recycling and reuse sector.

The loans will be paid in two halves, over April and May and then in three months time. Loans can be applied for until the end of May 2020 and will be repayable in 24 equal monthly instalments, an application form is to be released shortly.

Vikkie Fitzgerald, Head of WEEE at Clarity Environmental and part of the WEEE Schemes Forum, said:

“This financial support, in light of the coronavirus impact, will have major positive implications for the WEEE system once restrictions are lifted. The current market is already under strain from temporary closures of waste sites across the country, and this funding will hopefully minimise risk of any business closures during this time.

“As part of the WEEE Schemes Forum we have acknowledged the likelihood of a post-lockdown spike and our sector must be ready to rapidly start-up operations when required. The proposal for financial aid going forward will allow the WEEE system to jump back into gear and provide a dynamic and competitive WEEE recycling market.”


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