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We Need to Talk About Waste: Clarity Supports Trash Talk Campaign

We are proud to be supporting the latest campaign to challenge unnecessary packaging that protects almost everything we buy.

Inspired by the movements that are raising awareness of the environmental impact that plastics and other packaging materials can have, Trash Talk aims to empower consumers to consider the packaging that they really want.

The Trash Talk campaign will take place the week beginning 7th May 2018, when volunteers of all genders and ages will be collecting the packaging for everything they buy, identifying what they view as unnecessary and sharing ideas for improving the designs.

Leading the campaign is Brighton-based startup, City Girl Network, a social network bringing together young women living in Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, Berlin and Birmingham.

Pippa Moyle, Founder of the City Girl Network, said: “This campaign is not about brand bashing. It’s about inspiring positive, practical change, empowering consumers to ask for that change and supporting them in doing so.”

Trash Talk will be an online-driven campaign, with conversations taking place across all social channels under #TrashTalk. There will also be a central Facebook group to provide a space for more in-depth discussions and to keep participants closely updated with the campaign.

Chris Taylor, Clarity Environmental Commercial Manager, said we are delighted to be lending support to the campaign: “This campaign will not only highlight the problems around unnecessary packaging, but will also discuss possible and positive solutions for change.

“As a compliance scheme operator, we work closely with packaging producers across many sectors and we understand the challenges they face. Many retailers and manufacturers are already taking innovative steps to rethink their packaging, but it is a complex issue that needs wide-scale involvement; from decision makers to manufacturers and retailers. Consumer awareness is higher than ever before and we hope that this campaign will empower shoppers to play a part in finding solutions for the future.”

To join the conversation, go to Keep an eye out on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn accounts throughout the week to view the conversations or to take part.

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