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Waste Export Portal Launching in Spring

The Environment Agency is launching an online portal that is aimed at reducing the processing time for waste exports and improving the accuracy of export applications.

The IWS Online system, which is expected to be launched this spring, is being designed to support companies that export waste from England under the International Waste Shipment (IWS) Regulations.

The new online platform will enable customers to:

  • Apply for Waste Export Notifications
  • View the status of their Export Notifications
  • Create pre-notifications of shipments
  • Record shipment data
  • Monitor shipments and active loads

The Environment Agency says it expects the international waste portal to reduce the processing time for exporters and will enable better accuracy of applications. Companies exporting waste will be able to see shipment data relating to their notification, including their active loads. Movement documents will also be uploaded directly to the database, which the Environment Agency hopes will also improve consistency of the approach to assessment notifications and result in the earlier release of financial guarantee funds.

Developers are currently building the website, taking on board comments that were received from customers early last year. The portal is being tested at each stage of its development, ready to launch in the coming months.

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