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Updated Guidance Issued for Packaging Recovery Note System

The Environment Agency has published updated guidance on the packaging recovery note (PRN) and packaging export recovery note (PERN) system.

Under the packaging waste regulations, obligated businesses are set a recycling target each year. This target can be met by purchasing PRNs or the export equivalent, PERNs. The Environment Agency definition of packaging waste has been updated in an attempt to create a ‘level playing field’ between domestic recyclers and exporters of recyclable materials under the PRN system.

Chris Taylor, PRN Trader at Clarity Environmental, said: “UK reprocessors have long raised concerns about the current system, which they say favours exporters of material and incentivises waste materials being sent abroad. This is due to the fact that whilst exporters can claim PERN credits on 100 per cent of the tonnage they export, PRN issuers can only do so if they reach minimum efficiency standards. However, this new guidance rules that contaminated elements of packaging shipments will no longer qualify for PERNs.”

Under the updated definition, exporters will have to show there is no contamination within the waste they export, while ensuring they comply with the Waste Shipments Regulation. The updated guidance is available on the GOV.UK website.

Look out for more news on the reforms in future editions of our monthly newsletter, clearview, with further information on the changes to the system.

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