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Transforming a Life With a Clarity Puppy

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with UK charity, Canine Partners, as we sponsor a Clarity puppy, Claro, that will help transform the life of someone with a physical disability.

Canine Partners provides assistance dogs to those with physical disabilities, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy or spinal injuries. The charity selects and trains puppies to help with everyday tasks that are difficult, painful or impossible for someone with a disability, such as opening and closing doors, unloading the washing machine, pressing buttons and fetching help in an emergency.

Our commitment to donate £20,000 over the next four years will support Claro from his selection at 8 weeks old, right through to his retirement.  He will be carefully matched with an adult who has a disability, receiving many months of training to help with even the most complex tasks that meet the companion’s needs and lifestyle, before he goes to live with its companion.

We are so pleased to be supporting this charity that provides independence to those that could otherwise feel isolated.
Managing Director, David Honcoop, said of the donation: “I have had dogs for many years and I fully understand the joy and companionship they bring to a household. For someone living with a disability, a dog can provide even more than friendship; giving life-changing help with everyday tasks. By supporting Canine Partners we hope to change one person’s life for the better.”

As a team of dog lovers, it seems appropriate that our partnership with Canine Partners came about thanks to Clarity’s very own Labradors, as David explained: “Whilst on a dog walk in the Midlands I met a lady who had her own Canine Partners assistance dog. We talked about our Labradors and she told me a lot about the charity and what it meant for her to have a dog. This meeting inspired me to want to help and find out more about Canine Partners. I’m delighted that as a business we can support such a worthwhile cause.

“It is great to have been introduced to Claro and look forward to watching him progress and learn the skills required to transform a life.”

In a visit to the Canine Partners Southern Training Centre, we met Chief Executive Nicola Martin, who explained what our donation means to the charity. She said: “We are delighted that Clarity has chosen to support Canine Partners over the next four years and help us train and partner one of our amazing dogs with someone whose life will be transformed by the support of an assistance dog. We rely on support from organisations like Clarity to help us fulfil our mission and it was wonderful to meet some of the team and show them around one of our purpose-built training centres. We look forward to sharing photos and updates of Claro and developing our partnership with Clarity over the coming years.”

Claro, a black Labrador cross Golden Retriever, was born on 31 July 2018. He is currently under the watchful eye of a Canine Partner trainer in Somerset and is at home with one of the dedicated and experienced volunteer puppy parents. He is learning basic obedience and how to walk nicely on a lead in the garden, as well as getting used to toileting on command.

Claro will stay with his puppy parent until he is around 14 to 18 months old. After this period, he will go to the Canine Partners Training Centre to learn advanced tasks. He will be assessed to ensure he has all the required skills to become a Canine Partners assistance dog, before going to live with a companion, providing the gift of independence to someone with a disability.

We are all very taken with Claro in the Clarity office and look forward to hearing how he gets on over the coming months and years.

Find out more about our Clarity Cares donations and take a look at lovely Claro in our latest Clearview newsletter.

It isn’t just our employees that can recommend a charity, by using our online form you can too. We will discuss your suggestion in our future Clarity Cares donation committee meeting and will get in touch as soon as possible. For more information on our Clarity Cares committee, continue here.

There are numerous ways you can help support Canine Partners, whether that be donation, corporate partnerships or even volunteering yourself. When you support Canine Partners, you can help transform the life of someone with a disability.

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