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Survey Reveals Perception of Glass Packaging

A Europe-wide survey has revealed that 76 per cent of Europeans see glass as the most environmentally friendly packaging material, preferring its higher recyclability compared to other packaging materials.

Friends of Glass surveyed over 17,000 people across 11 EU countries: Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland. The research is aimed at measuring the evolution of consumers’ perception and usage of glass packaging from 2008 to 2017.

According to the research, the number of Europeans that see glass as the most environmentally friendly packaging material has increased by 50 per cent since 2008. Revealing the findings, Friends of Glass says that growing concern for the environment, combined with consumer preference for healthy living, is driving increased trust in glass as the ultimate packaging choice for food and drinks.

As well as the perception of the environmental advantages of glass, the research has also revealed insights into perceptions of packaging use and health benefits of glass, with 53 per cent of those opting to use glass believing it to be the safest food packaging material and 73 per cent considering glass to be the safest drink packaging material.

Commenting on behalf of the Friends of Glass Community, Adeline Farrelly, Secretary General of FEVE, the European Container Glass Federation says: “It is encouraging to see that consumers have become more conscious of the positive sustainable benefits of glass packaging. Whilst these results are reassuring, as an industry, we cannot be complacent, and we remain committed in our focus to inform consumers about the unique sustainable and recycling properties of glass.

“No matter how many times it is recycled, the permanent nature of glass means that its quality never diminishes – glass remains glass. Nowadays, Europeans can actively contribute to achieve a 100 per cent recycling rate by bringing their used glass bottles and jars to the nearest bottle bank. Glass can be infinitely recycled as part of a positive circular economy and within a closed loop.”

The research also analysed the difference in perception between older and younger generations, revealing that younger consumers buy fewer glass-packaged products than older generations. The full findings of the survey can be found on the Friends of Glass website.

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