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Supporting a Vision to Stop Plastic Pollution In a Generation

There is an increasing amount of startling evidence on the amount of plastic finding its way into our rivers and seas, and it is now impossible to escape the disturbing consequences of our throwaway culture.

In 2009, filmmaker Jo Ruxton produced the award-winning documentary film, A Plastic Ocean. Having previously worked on the BBC’s Blue Planet, Jo was determined to tell the world about the harm our plastic addiction was doing to the marine environment, and the possible human costs. The film was launched on a global scale and in a bid to take the message of the film beyond its release, Jo co-founded the not for profit organisation, Plastic Oceans UK.

Plastic Oceans UK is the UK’s first environmental NGO focused on plastics. The organisation’s vision is to stop plastic pollution in a generation and now has three pillars of identity: science, sustainability and education.

Having worked within the packaging industry since the start of our business, our Clarity Cares committee has pledged to support organisations that are working to protect our oceans and marine life from the impacts of packaging. By donating £1,500 to Plastic Oceans UK, we are supporting their new sustainability programme, working with businesses and educators to assist a transition in their use of plastics; encouraging waste reduction, material replacement and other activities aimed at reducing our plastic footprint and preventing plastic from getting into the oceans.

Martin Trigg-Knight, Packaging Compliance Scheme Manager, said the programme struck a cord with the Clarity Cares committee. “Businesses are under increasing amounts of pressure to respond to consumer demands over packaging and plan for legislative changes, whilst also retaining commercial advantage. We are pleased to support an organisation that is using education and evidence to help businesses find active solutions to the issue and help businesses think through their relationship with plastic.”

Plastic Oceans Technical Director, Dr Geoff Brighty, said of our donation: “We are delighted to be working with Clarity Environmental on this critical ocean issue. As an ‘evidence-based’ NGO, we use the best available scientific knowledge in our education programmes and sustainability advice to business and Government. Your donation has funded us to generate new, up to date evidence on ‘plastics – the material’ and ‘economics of plastics’ for both our teaching packs and a new e-learning platform. Through these resources, we will be able to reach students and their teachers, and our growing business community, who need the right context on plastic for their future business decisions.”

How you can help

There are numerous ways that you can help towards their mission to change the worlds attitude towards plastic waste within a generation. Find out how here.

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Find out more about our Clarity Cares donations and take a look at all of our Q3 donations here.

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It isn’t just our employees that can recommend a charity, by using our online form you can too. We will discuss your suggestion in our future Clarity Cares donation committee meeting and will get in touch as soon as possible. For more information on our Clarity Cares committee, continue here.

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