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‘Spy in the Sky’ Technology Will Detect Waste Crime

Satellite technology could be used to help detect serious waste crime, with the launch of a new ‘spy in the sky’ tool.

Calling themselves the world’s first Space Detective Agency, UK business Air and Space Evidence has developed the new service using satellite technologies that are aimed at helping authorities gather intelligence to enable early detection and intervention, and reduce operational costs and environmental hazards.

Waste crime is said to cost the UK economy over £600 million a year, blighting local communities and the environment, and undermining legitimate businesses.

Air and Space Evidence received funding from the European Space Agency, Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE) and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in 2016-2017 to conduct research and trials examining how waste crime could be tackled using space technologies.

Locating illegal waste sites can be difficult as they are often concealed and in a wide variety of locations. Air and Space Evidence has combined a variety of techniques from both radar and optical satellite sensors, aided by mapping data, to pinpoint anomalies in land use types. The company is now launching the monitoring service called Waste from Space to governments.

Ray Purdy, Director, Air and Space Evidence says of the service: “Waste crime is highly lucrative – and can also be hard to detect. Governments need new investigatory approaches because at the moment they are several steps behind waste crime gangs. We will offer a much needed, innovative intelligence gathering and analysis service to governments, whereby we can identify waste crime that governments are not aware of, bringing immense value to their work and enabling them to catch more waste crime gangs in the act.”

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