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Report Shows Rising Landfill Gate Fees

An annual report has reported a rise in gate fees paid by local authorities for landfill services in 2016. Now in its tenth year, the survey by WRAP covers gate fees charged to local authorities for a range of municipal waste recycling, recovery, treatment, and disposal options.

A gate fee is the charge levied upon a quantity of waste received at a waste processing facility. WRAP has calculated the median and range of gate fees for a number of waste treatment options, based on correspondence with local authorities and waste management companies. Across the UK, the median nonhazardous landfill gate fee reported by local authorities is £107 per tonne, compared to £102 per tonne last year. WRAP says that feedback suggests that lack of landfill capacity in some regions could be the reason for this upward trend.

The report shows that gate fees for Material Recovery Facilities (MRF), Anaerobic Digestion (AD), and Energy from Waste (EfW) services have all dropped. The median gate fee paid for MRF services has gone from £25 per tonne in last year’s report to £15 per tonne in 2016. EfW gate fees also decreased, from £86 per tonne last year to £83 per tonne, whilst gate fees for wood waste remain stable at £35 per tonne across the country, with commercial gate fees the lowest at £20 per tonne.

The full Gate Fees Report is available online.

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