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Recycle the Old & Do Your Bit for the Environment This Spring

The spring cleaning season is here, as many of us start to de-clutter drawers and clear out cupboards. Clarity Environmental is reminding those taking part in the big clean-up to do their bit for the environment by recycling unwanted or broken electrical items.

The Easter weekend marks the biggest DIY and clear-out season of the year for many people. But if you’ve replaced old tools for new ones, or are disposing of broken electrical items that have been cluttering up your cupboards, don’t let your old ones go to waste.

We produce over a million tonnes of electrical waste each year in the UK, making it the fastest growing type of waste in Europe. But many people are unsure of what they should do with their unwanted goods. Recycle with Clarity was founded in 2011 with the aim of helping to divert electrical items from landfill, increasing recycling rates and reducing the amount of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) sent to landfill or illegally exported. Recycling these items, either by reusing the equipment or recovering base materials helps to divert them from landfill, where they can release toxins that pollute the environment.

With a network of partner household electrical waste sites across the country, Recycle with Clarity offers free and convenient recycling solutions for items such as mobile phones, lawnmowers, washing machines, fridges, televisions and much more.

Anything broken or unusable is sent to a recycling plant that converts the waste back to raw materials for reuse and separates hazardous substances for safe recycling.

You can find your nearest electrical recycling site and get information about what items can be recycled, by going to:

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