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RDF Exports Continue to Rise

The latest data from the Environment Agency has revealed an increase in the amount of refuse derived fuel (RDF) material that was exported to Europe at the start of this year.

The provisional waste shipment data suggests that the UK RDF export market is continuing to grow despite talk of a slowdown and attention turning from the continental to the domestic incinerator market.

The data for the first two months of 2016 shows that more than 600,000 tonnes of RDF were exported to Europe in January and February. This is an increase of almost 150,000 tonnes compared to the same period last year.

The latest figures show that ten countries have received RDF from the UK so far this year and the Netherlands remains the largest taker of material, with 280,000 tonnes, followed by Germany at 120,000 tonnes and Sweden at 100,000 tonnes of RDF.  This continues the same pattern recorded for 2015, with the Netherlands being the largest recipient of UK material taking in close to 1.2 million tonnes last year, followed by Germany with over 611,000 tonnes and Sweden with over 357,000 tonnes.

In January of this year, provisional international waste shipment figures published by the Agency put the RDF export total at around 2.75 million tonnes, an increase from 2.37 million tonnes exported throughout the whole of 2014.

Managing Director of Clarity Environmental, David Adams, said of the latest data: “The RDF export  market has seen huge growth over the last five years, and whilst predictions are for a significant slowing of the year-on-year growth, these latest figures show that the market is yet to flatten and demand in Europe remains.”

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