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Provisional Q1 Data Suggests Difficult Year Ahead for Wood

The provisional packaging recycling and export data for Q1 has been published on the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD), providing an early indication of the year ahead for the PRN markets.

Whilst not yet verified, the data suggests that 2018 could be a challenging year for UK recycling, with a number of grades looking tighter to target than last year. Wood targets are causing concerns for clients and suppliers alike, with production 13,052 tonnes down from this time last year. Paper production is also down compared to the same period in 2017. While the data suggests that it is on course to comfortably exceed its target, paper will be heavily relied upon for general recycling this year, with wood no longer a viable option.

Daniel Fullylove, Business Development Executive at Clarity Environmental, said: “We have seen some difficult trading conditions towards the end of Q1, with prices for nearly every grade at significantly higher levels than this time last year.  The main concerns continue to centre around wood, paper and plastic.  Wood has seen the biggest market change so far this year, with prices rising rapidly throughout the quarter and supply seemingly short. With wood production due to ramp up in the summer, there is still hope of seeing improvements towards the target, but this grade is unlikely to have a comfortable year. Plastic is another grade that looks tight to target, and as a result we could see current high prices continue.

“Trading has, however, picked up again in April for many grades as buyers look to hedge their bets that prices are going to continue rising throughout the coming months.”

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