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PRN Monthly Update: Prices Remain High Across Many Grades

Packaging recovery note (PRN) prices have remained high across many grades this month.

Since the beginning of August, the price of plastic has increased by approximately 15 per cent, rising and falling on an almost daily basis, indicating that reprocessors are unsure where the price is heading.

Despite being just behind its production target, there has also been a surprisingly large rise in the cost of aluminium. With a 25 per cent increase, aluminium is one grade to watch in the coming months.

The monthly packaging data, which was released on 10 September, reports on the amount of waste packaging, by material grade, that has been recovered by the end of August. The latest figures suggest a drop in overall production when compared to July, with significantly less paper, plastic, wood and steel PRNs reported than the previous month.

Sam Caplen, Business Development Executive at Clarity Environmental, said: “Looking at the figures for 2018 production so far, some grades appear to be struggling, although when we take into account the carry over figures, production is at more comfortable levels”.

Sam continued: “It is important to point out that not all reprocessors and exporters report their PRN production each month. The quarterly data, released in October, will give us a far better indicator of the position and the likely impact on prices in Q4. In the meantime, the elevated prices should continue to assist the performance of some grades by driving recycling.”

The UK compliance sector has launched a Packaging Scheme Forum this month, bringing together key members of the packaging producer compliance sector. The forum will help the industry to share knowledge and will assist the dialogue between industry bodies and government ahead of a review of the existing system. We are delighted to be a committed part of the forum, which ensures we can represent our compliance scheme members and keep them fully informed as discussions progress.

Clarity has been buying and selling packaging recovery notes (PRNs) since our business started in 2002. We are now one of the largest and most experienced open market traders of PRNs. To talk to our team about buying or selling any grade of packaging recovery note (PRN), contact us on 0845 129 7177.

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