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Packaging Data Relieves Glass Performance Fears

The final packaging recovery data for the first quarter of the year has been published this month, allaying fears about the performance of glass recycling.

The data, which has been published by the Environment Agency on the National Packaging Waste Database, shows the amount of packaging waste recycled or exported between January and March this year.

Provisional figures released in April suggested that only 22 per cent of the estimated annual net requirement of glass remelt and aggregate had been recycled in the first quarter of the year. Glass remelt had dropped from 205,000 tonnes in the previous quarter to 159,000 tonnes, meaning a combined figure of 343,850. The data has since been revised, increasing the figure by over 30,000 tonnes. Glass remelt is now at a much healthier 197,000 tonnes figure for the period, taking the total for glass packaging recycled across the three months to 377,044 tonnes.

Chris Taylor, Commercial Manager for Clarity Environmental, said: “With the glass figure revised, the final data now provides an overall positive picture. Paper and wood are both currently way ahead of their targets, suggesting that the grades will meet this year’s obligation relatively comfortably if things continue. Recovery is much stronger than it was at this point last year and is likely to continue improving, as a result of an increasing number of incineration facilities registering for R1 status.”

Chris added that some caution does, however, remain around plastic and steel PRNs, despite being ahead of target. He said: “Plastic looks strong, although fears remain over the new Chinese Green Fence policy and prices are currently either rising or remaining stable as a result. Steel remains ahead of target, despite the deepening crisis in the industry, but nervousness remains and it is still early days.”

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