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Our Commitment to Charities

We are on a mission to use the success of our business to help improve lives, protect nature and make the environment around us a better place to live.

This year we have made a commitment to donate at least 1% of our profits to charitable causes or awareness campaigns and launched our internal Clarity Cares committee who help us decide where to direct our funds.

Since the start of the year, we are proud to have provided a total of £30,000 (and rising) to a range of charitable and educational projects, as chosen by our staff.

One of those charities was RISE, who received a donation of £2,000 when we sponsored two members of our staff to do the 10K Heroes Run, which sees runners dressed as superheroes, in aid of RISE, which stands for Refuge, Information, Support and Education. They support those affected by domestic abuse and violence. The charity’s vision is freedom from abuse and violence.

An estimated 1.9 million adults aged 16 to 59 years experienced domestic abuse in the last year, according to Crime Survey for England and Wales. In Brighton alone, there are 4,000 calls a year related to domestic abuse and 13 police call outs a day for domestic abuse. RISE work with over 2,500 women and children each year in Brighton and Hove to offer safety, support and hope.

We spoke to our Quality and Data Manager Hayley Bosworth about why she put forward this marvellous charity in this interview below.

“I first heard about Rise whilst looking at potential “fun” runs to do in the area – I have just started running again and was looking for something to aim towards.”

“After seeing that Heroes Run were raising funds for Rise, I decided to find out a bit more about the charity.

“I think the work they are doing for people affected by domestic abuse is extremely important – most people in these situations have no one that they can turn to, or feel that they can’t talk with friends or family for whatever reason”

“I’m really proud that Clarity volunteered to sponsor us to take part, the fact that our money has gone towards helping provide hope for these people, is a wonderful thing, and without donations and people volunteering their time, Rise would not be able to give refuge to these women and children that are otherwise trapped in what feels like a nightmare.”

Well done to Vikkie Fitzgerald and Hayley Bosworth, or Harley Quinn and Deadpool, who both successfully completed the run in full costume.

There are numerous ways you can help support RISE, whether that be donation, organising an event or even volunteering yourself. When you support RISE, you’re helping people to live a life that’s free from domestic abuse and violence.

It isn’t just our employees that can recommend a charity, by using our online form you can too. We will discuss your suggestion in our future Clarity Cares donation committee meeting and will get in touch as soon as possible.

For more information on our Clarity Cares committee, continue here. Or to stay in the loop with the latest in news from Clarity Environmental subscribe to our mailing list.

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