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Open Letter Makes the Case for Recovering Energy From Waste

The Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP) has written an open letter to the European Commission to make the case for recovering energy from waste.

CEWEP is the umbrella association of the owners and operators of waste to energy plants across Europe. Managing director, Ella Stengler, and president, Ferdinand Kleppmann,  have written the letter ahead of the EC’s decision on the Circular Economy Package.

In the letter, CEWEP urges the European Commission to set ambitious binding targets to divert recyclable and recoverable waste from landfills, stressing that it would benefit the environment and the EU’s economy, creating jobs and growth, and will also serve the climate and energy policy.

The European Commission’s new circular economy package is due to be unveiled on 2 December 2015. It will include fresh legislation on waste, fertilisers, and water reuse, commitments on Eco-design, strategies for handling plastics and chemicals, and funding for innovation.

The full open letter can be viewed in full on the cewep website.

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