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New Requirements Could Lead to Increase in R1 Compliance Applications

An increased number of energy-from-waste (EfW) plants could register to become R1 compliant, with new requirements now in force for those wanting to issue packaging recovery notes (PRNs).

Set out in the EU Waste Framework Directive, the R1 formula is a performance indicator for the level of energy recovered from waste. Designed to offer municipal solid waste incinerators an incentive to improve their energy recovery performance, the R1 formula is based on factors including the energy produced by a plant and the energy contained in the waste. Where the value of R1 is calculated as being greater than 0.65, the process can be classed as a recovery rather than a disposal operation, placing it higher up the waste hierarchy.

Until now, the only facilities that have needed to register for R1 status are those importing waste. A list published by Defra in October 2014 revealed that only three operational energy-from-waste plants in England have achieved status. However, from this year any EfW plants that issues PRNs will need to achieve R1 accreditation. As a result, the Environment Agency has indicated that the UK could see an increased number of plants seeking to achieve R1 status.

Chris Taylor, Commercial Manager at Clarity Environmental, said: “With more incentive to apply, it does seem likely that an increased number of operators will seek R1 compliance. Facilities will, of course, have to consider application fees, as well as the cost of managing a PRN system, but there is a surplus of recovery PRNs on the market, and if we continue to see prices rise this could provide enough of a financial incentive for plants to gain R1 status, which would allow their operations to be classified as energy recovery rather than waste disposal.”

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