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New Report to Explore Value in Waste

The UK government is to investigate how we can use our waste to create value for the British economy in a new report.

The report will be authored by Sir Mark Walport, the government’s Chief Scientific Advisor and Defra Chief Scientific Advisor, Professor Ian Boyd, and is due to be published later this year. It will explore how the UK can move from creating waste to managing and valuing resources more effectively.

Following the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ (Defra) five-year plan, which was issued in February, the government was heavily criticised by the industry for its lack of interest in waste and the potential for the sector to provide employment and innovative new ways of handling resources.

The report was announced during Sir Mark Walport’s visit to a waste management facility, alongside new Environment Minister Therese Coffey, who said of the industry’s potential:

“Making the most of our resources is hugely important. We have made great progress reducing waste to landfill and increasing our recycling rates, but more can be done, on an individual and community level.

“Our waste sector is world leading with great examples of bold innovation… cutting edge science and engineering can play a vital role helping us protect our environment and grow our economy.”

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