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Latest Packaging Data Reveals Rise in Steel Recycling

The provisional packaging recycling and export data for the second quarter of the year has been published by the Environment Agency on the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD). The figures report the amount of packaging waste recycled or exported between April and June this year and are largely in line with the industry’s expectations, revealing that the UK is in good stead to meet our 2016 targets.

Chris Taylor, Commercial Manager at Clarity Environmental, said:

“The data has not thrown up any big surprises for quarter two and the figures are largely in line with expectations. Steel in particular that has had a very positive quarter, with 119,455 tonnes of material recycled in Q2; an increase of 24,670 tonnes from the previous quarter. Plastic also performed well again this quarter, with a 10,830 increase in tonnage. And wood, which has up from 85,802 in to 111,698 tonnes in Q2, has had a surprisingly good period. Wood is now well on its way to hitting its target for the year.

“Glass Other is the only grade currently trailing a bit behind, but any deficit in glass other can be covered by remelt so there is little cause for concern. The next quarter is also historically strong for glass, when we typically see an increased consumption of drinks thanks to the warmer weather.

“With positive figures across the board, I expect to now see further softening of PRN prices.”

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