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Glass Shortfall Leaves UK on the Brink of Non-Compliance

The UK currently stands on the brink of non-compliance for the first time since the PRN system was introduced, as the glass market continues to fall short of target. Latest figures suggest that reprocessors and exporters have the impossible task of covering a 565,000T deficit in Q4.

The Q3 figures released by the Environment Agency this week were delayed by two days, an action that sent panic through the industry as rumours spread about Defra and the Environment Agency needing more time to find a solution to the impending glass shortfall. The reasons for glass shortfall have been well documented recently and it seems that there is nothing that can be done to alleviate the situation. We are pleased to confirm that our own compliance scheme has met its glass obligation already and we now look to organising 2013. Read the full comment from Clarity’s Trader, Chris Taylor, in our monthly newsletter Clearview, out tomorrow.

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