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Gate Fees Survey Shows Significant Increase in Fees

WRAP has launched its annual study into the gate fees paid at waste treatment facilities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, providing a snapshot of the market. It has revealed a significant increase in the fees charged by Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs).

In its ninth edition of the Gate Fees Report, which covers the period 2015/16, WRAP has investigated the fees charged to local authorities for a range of municipal waste recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal options. The charity has calculated the median range of gate fees for a number of waste treatment options, based on correspondence with local authorities and waste management companies.

The study found that whilst gate fees across a range of technologies remained stable between January 2015 and January 2016, Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) gate fees have increased significantly, with the median fee rising to £25 per tonne from £6 last year.  WRAP attributes this rise to changes in commodity markets and end-market prices for recovered materials.

Key findings of the study were:

The annual study into gate fees aims to increase transparency in the waste treatment market by ensuring that local authorities are better informed on the market prices for different services. The report provides information that WRAP hopes will improve the efficiency of the procurement and provision of these waste management services.

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