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Defra to launch EPR ‘design review’

In their Consistency and Packaging Reforms newsletter on Monday 7th August, Defra revealed plans to initiate a "design review" of the administration of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system during the 12-month payment delay period.

Sarah Homer, Defra’s director general for portfolio delivery, emphasised that the government aims to engage with industry extensively over the next 12 months to align the EPR scheme design with sector-specific insights and leveraging global best practices.

She explained that “work will continue get the design of EPR right and give as much clarity as possible to allow for preparations for the new requirements in this additional time”.

She continued: “The government will use the additional year to continue to discuss the scheme design with industry and reduce the costs of implementation wherever possible.”

Ms Homer said the design review will be launched and will aim to make the design “as sector led as possible, drawing on international best practice”.

The crucial role of the scheme administrator, responsible for fee determination and oversight of the system, will be established in collaboration with producers and the broader value chain. In a parallel move, Defra will introduce a shadow scheme administrator to ensure a sector-led governance approach during the establishment phase.

Defra underscored unwavering commitment to EPR reforms, with Minister for Environmental Quality and Resilience, Rebecca Pow MP, stressing that adjustments to EPR timelines reflect the government’s responsiveness to industry input. The postponement of producer responsibility payments from 2024 to 2025 signifies the government’s proactive stance in heeding industry feedback.

We want to continue to have an open dialogue with the wider value chain and work closely over the coming months to ensure that we actually develop what we like to consider world class reforms so that we can transform the way we think about our resources and our use of them.

Rebecca Pow MP

Minister for Environmental Quality and Resilience

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