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Extended Producer Responsibility: We Want Your Views

The government has confirmed the second round of consultations on Extended Producer Responsibility will take place in early 2021.

The government has confirmed the second round of consultations on Extended Producer Responsibility will take place in early 2021.

In advance of the consultations, and given the unprecedented challenges faced by many packaging producers this year, we would like to know how prepared your business is for the changes ahead.

Have your say by taking part in our producer survey

Initially published in December 2018, the UK Resources & Waste Strategy proposed four main areas of reform: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Deposit Return System, Plastic Tax and consistency of waste collections. The second round of consultations were due to be held in February 2020, but as a result of Brexit, a General Election and now Covid-19, these have been pushed back to 2021.

Questions remain over whether a delay to the consultation will also mean a change to the original implementation date published in the Resources & Waste Strategy, which stated that the changes will come into effect from 2023 (subject to consultation).

We are firmly behind the environmental objectives of reformed producer responsibility, and we are committed to supporting our packaging compliance members as they prepare for the significant adjustments that may be needed as a result of Extended Producer Responsibility.

Many sectors are fully focussed on a recovery from the impacts of this year’s global pandemic, whilst simultaneously preparing for Brexit. We hope that any new legislation considers the state of readiness of UK businesses, allowing all industries to be financially stable to negotiate a greener, more sustainable recovery.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted many industries this year, and in different ways. Some experienced sudden, increased demand, whilst others had to stop operations for many weeks. It is not yet clear what the long term implications of this year’s events will be, but with the country now in recession and alongside the planning needed for Brexit, we understand many businesses are concerned about how they will prepare for the changes of EPR. We hope this survey, together with the one to one discussions we continue to have with our members, will help us support them through these changes as best we can, allowing us to represent their interests as we continue our discussions with Defra, and in our response to the consultations next year.

David Honcoop

Managing Director at Clarity Environmental

Extended Producer Responsibilty

As part of the UK Resources and Waste Strategy, published first in December 2018, the government is proposing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging producers.

EPR proposes that those who place packaging on to the UK market should be responsible for up to 100% of the costs of recycling these materials, in line with the polluter pays principle. The policy seeks to reduce the amount of unnecessary and difficult to recycle packaging and increase the amount of packaging that can and is recycled. It suggests that the full net costs of managing packaging waste are placed on those businesses who use packaging and who are best placed to influence its design, this could see packaging producers paying ten times more than the cost of compliance in 2017.

Take part in our EPR survey

We are inviting packaging producers to take part in our Extended Producer Responsibility survey, which ensures we can support the views of our members as we prepare to respond to the potential changes and the consultation. If you are a member of our packaging compliance scheme, look out for a link that will be sent direct to your inbox and get in touch to let us know your thoughts on how the delay to the consultations may impact on your ability to prepare.

You don’t have to be a member of our scheme to take part in our survey. If you are a packaging producer and would like to share your views, complete our survey here.

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