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Donating to Surf Therapy

With our office located by the sea, we understand how the great outdoors can benefit your quality of life. And when we heard about a charity that uses the natural environment to benefit children and young people suffering with anxiety, health and trauma, we were inspired to offer our support.

Run by volunteers, The Wave Project was originally based in Cornwall but now operates all over the UK providing surf therapy. Children are referred by support workers, teachers and counsellors and attend a six-week course, which has been proven to help increase confidence and reduce anxiety. With Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 taking place from Monday 13 to Sunday 19 May this year, The Wave Project is a perfect example of how accessing nature can help to promote wellbeing and steps to help positive mental health.

So far, the charity has allowed 2,239 young people to access their surf therapy course and trained 2,587 volunteer surf mentors. Our Clarity Cares donation committee chose to donate £1,250 to The Wave Project, which will provide the funds for four children to go through a six-week therapy course.

Joe Taylor, Wave Project CEO, said of our contribution: “Thanks to the donations of generous companies such as Clarity Environmental, we are able to support more young people in the water and build their confidence and self-esteem through surfing. Surf Therapy is life changing for our young people and the importance of supporting it cannot be underestimated.”

We are looking forward to seeing the Brighton volunteers in action when The Wave Project courses start up again for the summer months.

You can find out more about our commitment to be a good business doing good, see the donations we have made this year and recommend a charity to our Clarity Cares donation committee in the Clarity Cares section of our website.

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