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Digest of Waste & Resource Statistics Revealed in Defra’s 2018 Edition

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra), has published its latest edition of digest of waste and resource statistics.

The fourth edition of the Digest focuses on a range of waste and resource areas, and is based on data published mainly by Defra, WRAP, the Environment Agency, Office for National Statistics, and Eurostat.

The various sets of data are not all for the same time periods but Defra says the most recent available data has been used. The various sections include: waste prevention metrics, efficiency of resource use, waste generation, economic characteristics of the waste management sector.

“Waste and resource are subjects for which there is a wealth of published data and it can be challenging to readily find the data you want and of interest”, is stated by the foreword.

“The aim of this Digest is to help by bringing together a wide range of key statistics on waste and resource into one publication.”

The Digest is aimed at a wide audience, including policymakers, analysts and specialists in the Defra Network, Environment Agency, WRAP, other organisations, the waste sector, academia, other researchers and consultancies. It can be found on the Defra website.

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