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Defra Publish 2024 WEEE Collection Targets

Defra recently published the collection targets for Waste Electricals and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in 2024.

The target for the 2024 collections of WEEE stands at 482,355t, representing a modest 2% increase from the 2023 target (472,032t). These targets, formulated by Defra, stem from a thorough analysis of historical collection trends with an evaluation of additional factors such as current market dynamics.

While the 2024 target reflects a 2% increase over the actual 2023 collection levels, it is noteworthy that not all categories surpass the collection levels of the preceding year. The table below provides an overview of the changes observed in each category.

In the Large Household Appliances (LHA) category (category 1) there is a 6.6% decrease from the 2023 collection level to reflect the dynamics between high scrap metal prices and LHA collection rates. This adjustment is primarily driven by the increased financial incentive for scrap metal traders to acquire LHA waste, consequently, reducing the focus and resources allocated to formal recycling channels. With no anticipated decrease in scrap metal prices throughout 2024, a 6.6% reduction in the collection target for this category has been observed.

Defra have increased the target in the Small Mixed WEEE target (categories 2-10) from the 2023 collection level. This increase is justified by the ongoing successful communication campaigns led by Material Focus working to enhance consumer awareness regarding the proper disposal of Small Mixed WEEE. Additionally, Defra cite the positive impact of the 3-year-old policy that mandates the 1:1 takeback of Small Mixed WEEE by large retailers as a reason for the increase.

Another proposed increase pertains to the Display Equipment category (11), prompted by a surge in return volumes witnessed at recycling facilities. This adjustment reflects a proactive response to evolving trends in the recycling sector.

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