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Consumer Attitudes Revealed In Textiles Survey

WRAP has released the results of its third consumer clothing survey, to reveal the attitudes and values towards buying, using and disposing of clothes.

The survey, which was conducted on 2,000 people nationwide, covers various aspects of textile usage from washing to repairing. It helps WRAP and its partners gain insights into consumer behaviour towards buying, using and disposing of clothes.

The results revealed that most important to consumers buying clothes is that they are made to last, with 74 per cent saying this is important to them. Although 28 per cent think it’s important for clothing to have a low environmental impact, only 23 per cent actively look for this when they buy. And 29 per cent think it is important for their clothes to be ethically produced. WRAP says that this could be due to a lack of information available to consumers when they buy.

When asked about disposal routes for clothes, 59 per cent of people donate their unwanted items to charity, with 41 percent using a charity shop and 18 per cent donating via a charity bag. Those aged 55 and over are much more likely to donate their old clothes.

There was a large disparity in the repairs and alterations that people felt comfortable to do, with 75 per cent confident enough to sew a button on but just 14 per cent able to replace a pocket.

Wrap has developed the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) 2020, which brings together organisations from across the clothing supply chain to reinvent how clothes are designed and produced; rethink how we value clothing by extending life of clothes; and redefine what is possible through re-use and recycling.

Developed by a steering group of major retailers, brands, recyclers, sector bodies, NGOs and charities, SCAP enables organisations at all levels of the clothing and textiles industry to work together to measure and reduce their environmental footprints.

A link to the full survey can be found here.

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