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Consultation launched for Landfill Tax

HMRC has launched a consultation on Landfill Tax, with stakeholders able to respond up until 22nd February 2022. 

HMRC has launched a consultation on Landfill Tax, which stakeholders can respond to up until 22nd February 2022. 

The Landfill Tax has been in place for 25 years and the treasury says it has thus far seen a 90% reduction in landfill use for local authority waste. The tax has remained broadly the same since its introduction in 1996, whilst environmental objectives have shifted significantly in that time, including the introduction of the Governments’ 25-year Environment Plan.  

The aim of the Landfill Tax review is to ensure it continues to support the Government’s ambitious environmental ambitions. Alongside looking at how changes to the Landfill Tax might meet other environmental objectives, the review will also consider the structure of the tax and the impacts of any proposed changes to this on businesses, local authorities, and individuals, and on waste crime.  

Charlotte Briggs, Policy and Engagement Lead, at Clarity Environmental, said: 

“The government’s consideration of the waste hierarchy, and how changes to the Landfill Tax may be needed to achieve continual diversion from landfill, is reflective of the larger environmental landscape. It is great to see movement on this, and a more joined up approach when we consider any changes working alongside the Resources and Waste Strategy.  

“To meet the ambitious plans of government in Consistency in Collections and Extended Producer Responsibility, there needs to be a clear incentive for landfill to become almost unnecessary. This consultation allows stakeholders to input into that. It would be great to see further review on how other elements of the waste hierarchy could be supported, such as reuse and recycling.” 

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