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Clarity WEEE Recycling Partner Announces Merger

Clarity WEEE Recycling partner, Blackmore IT, has announced a merger with Ricotech Ltd. The new business will be known as Blackmore Ricotech and will continue to specialise in data destruction and the secure recycling of redundant IT and waste electrical equipment.

Commenting on the merger, Blackmore Ricotech Managing Director Jonathan Blake, said:

“Blackmore’s core business is secure IT recycling, WEEE reprocessing and online component sales. Joining forces with Ricotech, one of only 35 companies across Europe accredited by the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA), reinforces our position in the UK secure asset disposal market.”

He added that the merger will enable the company to continue to provide the highest of standards:

“Recently, the price of raw materials recovered through the recycling process has fallen to an all-time low. The timing of this merger couldn’t be better – now, more than ever, it is essential to be able to maximise the value in redundant equipment. Our combined expertise in both whole equipment reuse and individual component resale will enable us to provide the highest standards of data destruction and security, without the need to compromise in order to remain competitive.”

Vikkie Fitzgerald, Project Manager at Clarity, said:

“We have worked with Blackmore IT for some time as a partner of our Recycle with Clarity network, and I am delighted to hear of this merger which will only further strengthen their position in the industry.”

Blackmore Ricotech will retain a head office at its Approved Authorised Treatment Facility in Chitterne, Wiltshire; and will continue to operate its ADISA accredited recycling centre in Wells, Somerset. For more information contact Blackmore Ricotech on 0800 880 3678 or go to:

To find out more about our WEEE compliance scheme or our Recycle with Clarity WEEE recycling network call us on 0845 129 7177.

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