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Clarity Purchases Scrap Catalytic Converters

Clarity has increased the service we give to our customers by purchasing and recycling scrap catalytic converters.

Found in cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles, catalytic converters contain precious metals that are in high demand and used in many modern electronic products. Recycling these metals helps to protect the environment by reducing the amount of metal that needs to be mined. The purchase and recycling of scrap catalytic converters is a natural dovetail to our successful vehicle battery trading division and means we can now offer more to these current and future customers.

Philip Honcoop, Trading Director at Clarity Environmental, said: “The ban on cash for scrap has created some challenges for the industry and finding the right buyers for scrap, including catalytic converters, may be more difficult than ever before. With all the right systems in place, and by giving good market rates and a professional service, we are offering an alternative for scrap metal dealers and car breakers that we hope will support their business despite these changes.”

If you have catalytic converters to sell and would like to talk to Clarity, contact one of our team on 0845 129 7177. Our team will offer a competitive price and will collect from all over the UK.

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