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Clarity Helps Businesses Reduce Waste & Find Hidden Revenue

Is your business managing its waste in the best possible way? Could your company achieve zero waste to landfill? Gavin Lish, Business Development Specialist in our expanding Waste & Recycling division, is now helping businesses in the North of England reduce their waste.

The cost of managing waste in the UK is increasing each year, along with environmental legislation and landfill tax. This is leaving businesses with the difficult task of ensuring their waste is dealt with properly and that they have reduced the impact of waste on the environment. But most waste is someone else’s raw material and with the right management, it could give a business revenue.

Gavin works in the North of the country offering a total waste management service to businesses from Scotland to Sheffield helping them to divert their waste. By doing a free site survey and an audit service he can review the various waste streams, segregation and logistics size, and then advise companies of the possibilities for return on the material.

With a CIWM qualification in hazardous waste Gavin will work on everything from bins to skips, right up to hazardous waste materials, such as oil-contaminated PPE, phosphates and asbestos. There are now very few materials that can’t be recycled and we have the ability to take all sorts of waste.  Gavin said: “The work I’ve done with businesses speaks for itself. By getting the right help to manage their waste, and diverting it from landfill, we’ve witnessed huge benefits.”

Contact our Waste & Recycling team on 0845 129 7177.

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