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Clarity Environmental Responds to the UK’s EU Exit

Britain is set to leave the European Union, following a referendum that saw 52 per cent of voters opting to leave. As the UK begins to plan its exit, the waste and resources industry is considering the impact this decision could have on the sector and what it means for environmental legislation.

David Adams, Clarity Environmental Managing Director, responded to the news: “The Government will now set out its terms for leaving the EU and we hope that the waste and recycling sector continues to be a priority, that it receives the attention it deserves, and that the UK government builds on the environmental benefits that have been seen in recent years by using the opportunity to invest in the sector. We hope, too, that when the UK considers our future legislation, that it compliments and aligns with that of our European neighbours.

“For us at Clarity Environmental it is very much business as usual. We are used to planning for fluctuations in the exchange rate, and whilst the fall in value of the pound will undoubtedly impact on some areas of business, it will benefit others. We run a diverse business and have a proven ability to adapt to changes in legislation, as well as economic disruptions. We also have a history of finding opportunity in the face of change and so we look forward to working with any adjustments to legislation that affect our business in the years to come.

“We will keep all of our members, clients and partners informed of changes that may impact on their own businesses as the exit negotiations progress.”

Our team will be considering the EU exit, and any changes that may result, in more detail and we will report in our newsletters over the coming weeks and months. If you are a WEEE compliance or packaging compliance member and have any questions about the impact of the EU referendum decision, please get in touch with a member of our team on 0845 129 7177.

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