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Clarity Environmental Goes Beyond Compliance

We are joining forces with our members to help ensure they are green enough to grow.

With increased awareness of the impact that unnecessary packaging is having on our environment, consumers are demanding action. And packaging producers across all sectors are under increasing pressure to ensure that their packaging is sustainable.

Clarity Environmental has pledged to help its packaging compliance members to investigate and determine how they can become more sustainable. As part of our Beyond Compliance service, we are offering tailored workshops for existing and new members, providing the opportunity for businesses to understand the impact of their packaging, the customer perception of their brand and re-design concepts to green their packaging.

Launching the service, we have announced impressive growth for the 2018 compliance year, with a 47 per cent increase in our Comply with Clarity packaging compliance scheme members, resulting in an 89 per cent increase of obligated tonnage.

Clarity Environmental’s Commercial Manager, Chris Taylor, said: “Our growing membership means we are able to give back and provide even more services to our existing and new packaging compliance scheme members, helping to ensure that their business is green enough to grow.

“Being recognised as a green organisation can boost sales, improve brand awareness and build customer loyalty, and there are more options than ever before for businesses to ensure that packaging is sustainable. This is a complex issue and one solution will not work for each business. Our beyond compliance services will support our members as they investigate and determine the opportunities for their business to optimise and reduce their packaging.

“Together, we can be a part of the solution.”

Find out more about our Beyond Compliance services on our website.

Companies that handle packaging in the UK are subject to the Packaging Regulations. We work with these businesses, helping them to reduce their impact on the environment and ensuring they comply with current regulations. Contact our team on 0845 129 7177 to find out how we can help your business.

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