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Clarity Announces Charity Partnership with Hounds for Heroes

As part of our ongoing commitment to donate at least 1% of our profits to good causes, we are pleased to be working in partnership with UK charity Hounds for Heroes.

Hounds for Heroes’ mission is to provide specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services.

The charity fully funds the food, insurance and veterinary costs for the working life of the dog. Through this provision, the charity provides help and practical support to service men and women who are injured or disabled.

Hounds for Heroes recruits eight puppies per year, in two squadrons of four cadets each, and fully funds the eight week old raw recruits through the 24 months it usually takes to train.  They provide assessment and matching days, a two-week residential training course and aftercare support throughout the working life of the partnership.

We have committed to donate £20,000 over the next four years to sponsor a ‘squadron’ of puppies who will receive training before going on to provide a lifeline to a service man or woman living with an injury or disability.

Hounds for Heroes Vice Chair and founder, Allen Parton, was himself seriously injured whilst serving in the Royal Navy. He founded Hounds for Heroes so that injured personnel from the military and ‘blue-light’ services might receive the same help that his service dog, Endal, had given him. He said of the commitment from Clarity:

“The original ethos of our charity was about the serving and ex-service community supporting their own injured and disabled colleagues. This was a mission that we were never going to fail at: providing life enhancing dogs for those who had proudly served Queen and Country and paid the price through illness or disability.

“What we had totally under-estimated was the sheer level of support and backing that we would receive from the public. Having companies such as Clarity Environmental committing to support Hounds for Heroes over the next four years is incredibly humbling. Our charity motto ‘Together we can’ takes on a real poignancy when organisations such as Clarity stand shoulder to shoulder with us on our mission.”

Our Managing Director, David Honcoop, said of this latest charity partnership:

“With our two resident Labradors, the Clarity team fully understands the joys a dog can bring, but to be able to offer dogs that can also facilitate independence to a serviceman or woman, it is a pleasure to know that our donation could help.

“I look forward to seeing the progress made with each of the puppies in the squadron we are sponsoring, which we hope will have the same transformative impact on someone’s life as it did for Allen. By supporting Hounds for Heroes we hope to use the success of our business to change one person’s life for the better.” 

Our sponsored squadron, Lance, Captain, Scout and Sergeant, are just starting out on their journey as an assistance dog and the team looks forward to watching their progress.

You can find out more about our commitment to be a good business doing good, see the donations we have made this year and recommend a charity to our Clarity Cares donation committee in the Clarity Cares section of our website.

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