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Clarity Comments on Q3 Packaging Recycling Data

The provisional Q3 packaging recycling data has been published by the Environment Agency. With reported problems in the recovery, steel, plastic and aluminium PRN markets, and rising prices throughout the year, buyers and sellers have been waiting in anticipation for this data, to better understand the markets. 

Chris Taylor, Clarity Environmental’s Commercial Manager comments on what this final data before the end of the compliance period has revealed: “Plastic is one grade that has not performed well in the last quarter, as a result of reduced plastic exports to China for recycling. This could leave the market extremely tight come the end of the year.

“Steel, which has seen rising prices in recent weeks, continues to leave the market well ahead of where it needs to be. However, with the recent developments in the global steel industry and high profile industry closures, the grade is likely to be tighter than the data suggests come January. 

“Aluminium, which has seen problems for much of the year, seems to be on its way to recovery. The protocol changes that were introduced, allowing reprocessors to back-date PRNs, seem to be doing the job they were intended to do and the outlook is a lot better than it looked at the end of Q2.

“Paper, wood and glass (both remelt and other) are performing well and there should be no problems meeting 2015 targets. It is also a relief for the recovery (EFW) market as paper and wood are so far ahead of their requirement that the excess left behind by a poor recovery return will be filled with ease.”

For full in-depth analysis of the Q3 figures, look out for Clarity’s quarterly Clearview newsletter due out in November.

If you have any questions about the data or to talk about buying or selling any grade of packaging recovery note (PRN), contact a member of our PRN trading team on 0845 129 7177.

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