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Clarity Clears a Mountain of Dumped Plastic

When a mountain of plastic was dumped at a site in Avonmouth, the owner was faced with a potential fine, huge costs of removal and an environmental hazard. Clarity has now stepped in to take on the project, removing the burden for the owner, and preventing hundreds of tonnes of discarded plastic from heading to landfill.

Work to clear between 200 and 300 tonnes of plastic left by the previous tenant is expected to take around 14 weeks. Clarity has employed a temporary team who will be led by a site supervisor, together with Barry Dunne, Clarity’s Business Development Specialist.

David Adams, Clarity’s Managing Director, said: “It’s clear, from the way the site was left, that the tenant had no intention of doing anything with the plastic but had a very clear plan to grab the money and run. In today’s world, with our environment under so much pressure and the ability to recycle an increasing amount of material, it would have been an environmental tragedy to have sent this plastic to landfill.

“But it’s a shame that there are people operating in this way, with no regard for the environment or the landowners left to sort out the problem.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the work progress and most importantly to be able to hand back the site, clear of the plastic and the burden that came with it, to the owner.”

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