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Clarity Cares sponsors 50km walk for Marie Curie

Clarity Cares has sponsored our own Marketing Executive, Charlotte Briggs, £2,500 for her 50km (32mile) trek over the North downs, in aid of charity, Marie Curie.

Marie Curie does an incredible job across the UK, supporting those living with terminal illness, by providing hospice care and volunteers to help carers and families. Charlotte signed up to the ultra-distance after seeing the work Marie Curie do first-hand, offering end of life care to her Grandma earlier in the year.

Completing the challenge in 10 hours and 12 minutes, with the help of Clarity Cares, Charlotte raised over £2,800 which can provide 140 hours of nursing support in someone’s home.

“I’ve never been good at sports, but I’ve always loved walking, growing up by the Pennines in Yorkshire and now, the incredibly picturesque South Downs. I thought doing something to really challenge myself would be a good way to ensure I could raise some money for Marie Curie.

“After providing amazing support for my Grandma twice in 2019, her wish for her funeral was not for flowers but for a small donation to a charity that did so much for our family during a difficult time. I’ve been blown away by Clarity’s generosity donating towards this challenge. With any charity, every little helps, but getting such an amazing donation, supplemented by the generosity of family and friends, is going to enable Marie Curie to continue to provide support for those with terminal illnesses.”

In 2018, we made a pledge to donate at least 1 per cent of our profits each quarter to charitable causes or awareness campaigns. All of our donations are managed by our internal charity committee, Clarity Cares, who meet four times a year to decide on the causes, charities or projects that our business will choose to support each quarter.

As part of our company ethos, we encourage our staff and customers to involve themselves in our charity donations by suggesting worthwhile charities to support and committing to fundraise for them. You can find out more about our commitment to be a good business doing good, see the donations we have made this year and recommend a charity to our Clarity Cares donation committee in the Clarity Cares section of our website.

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