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Clarity Cares Funds Climate Change Video

We have funded a video aimed at helping children to understand climate change, as part of our commitment to give a percentage of our profits to good causes.

Narrated by actor, presenter and YPTE president, Cel Spelman, the video has been targeted at children in years 5 to 9, giving it appeal across both primary and secondary schools.

The UN has called climate change the defining issue of our time. From changing weather patterns, rising sea levels and increased risk of flooding, the accelerating impacts of climate change in this country and around the world are of profound concern to the general public. And young people are now at the forefront of the climate change campaigns.

Founded in 1982, the Young People’s Trust for the Environment was set up to encourage young people’s understanding of the environment. It aims to raise awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, deforestation and endangered flora and fauna amongst young people. And to provide a balanced view that takes into account the realities of the modern world.

The latest video, funded by Clarity, joins the YPTE’s library of easy-to-understand and up to date environmental information and teaching resources that can be accessed by parents, schools or young people themselves.

Peter Littlewood, Director of the Young People’s Trust for the Environment, said of our donation:

“Climate change is such an important issue and it is always featuring in the media, but there isn’t enough good information out there for children, particularly aimed at primary school age.  We know that climate change is a real cause for concern among young people and we thought there was a clear need for a short explainer film that teachers could use in class, and that parents could watch with their children to help them understand what climate change is, how humans are causing it and how we can all help to reduce its impacts.”

“We are really grateful to Clarity for providing the funds to enable us to create the video, and to YPTE President Cel Spellman for providing such a great narration.  We expect the film will be viewed a lot in the coming months.”

Lucy Brooks, Head of Communications at Clarity Environmental, said:

“Young people are proving to be ever more passionate about the environment, so it is important to provide them with the tools that can help empower them to understand not only what climate change is all about—but also what they can do to help. We are delighted to have been able to help the YPTE to do just that with their latest video.”

You can view the climate change video on the YPTE website or on the charity’s YouTube channel here:

In 2018, we made a pledge to donate at least 1 per cent of our profits each quarter to charitable causes or awareness campaigns.

All of our donations are managed by our internal charity committee, Clarity Cares, who meet four times a year to decide on the causes, charities or projects that our business will choose to support each quarter.

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