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Clarity Bucks the ‘Gender Pay Gap’ Trend

From April this year, all companies with 250 or more employees are required to publish annual statistics on their gender pay gap, the difference between the average hourly pay of women and men.

In June we undertook voluntary analysis of our gender pay gap to identify the median average difference in pay between our male and female team members. Unlike many companies across the UK, we identified a mean gender pay gap in favour of women.

The gender pay gap looks at overall average pay based on gender, regardless of job role, geographic location, market forces, grade or other influences on rates of pay. More than 10,000 companies provided details of their payroll in 2018, revealing that three quarters pay men more than women. Although the waste management sector was among the top five sectors in the UK with the smallest gender pay gap, the industry has been urged to do more to attract women.

Analysis by MRW magazine revealed that despite an average gap in the waste manageme sector of just 0.8 per cent, there is a startling range of individual figures. Twenty-one waste businesses in the sector had gender pay gaps in favour of men, with 13 of these being larger than 10 per cent and four greater than 20 per cent. This variety of figures has been attributed to a lower than average number of women being employed in the sector.

Our people are our stongest asset and we are committed to paying each member of our team a fair and equal wage. Clarity Environmental Office Manager, Naomi Nunan, said the figures for Clarity identify the range of senior roles that women hold in our company:

“We are immensely proud to have a diverse team at Clarity and we are committed to equal pay and opportunities for all. Despite the sector being an historically male environment, we have a large proportion of women in senior and decision-making roles. This is, in part, testament to our commitment to developing each member of our team, allowing them to take on more responsibility as their experience grows, and our work to encourage diversity in our recruitment processes.”

In March we signed up to the Living Wage campaign in Brighton and Hove to confirm our committment to pay everyone who works or who comes to work at Clarity a minimum hourly wage, which is currently set at £8.75. This is higher than the £7.50 per hour statutory minimum for over 25s that was introduced in April 2017. Read the full story here.

Our most important asset is our people; their ideas, talents and dedication are the key ingredients of our success. We believe in providing a working environment that allows our people to grow, both professionally and personally, and one that makes our employees feel involved and valued. Find out more about what it is like to work at Clarity on our website.

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