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Cases Highlight the Cost of Permit Breaches

Loss of income following suspension of their environmental permit led to a Sunderland firm going into administration this month. Waste separation, skip hire and hardcore recycling operator Alex Smile Ltd was served three legal notices by the Environment Agency for over-storing waste at its nine-acre site in February. This meant they could not accept any more waste onto the site and had to reduce levels of certain types of waste to the amounts allowed in their environmental permit. The subsequent loss of income meant they were unable to pay creditors.

Also this month, the Environment Agency issued a press release highlighting the case of a Burton-upon-Trent man sentenced to 7 months in prison for operating an unlicensed waste facility in the area. Over 15 months, land belonging to a vulnerable local couple was used to deposit, store and burn large quantities of mixed waste. This included metal, wood, electrical items and construction and demolition waste. The convicted man did not have permission to use the land or an environmental permit, and left it in a state of complete ruin. He had continued to operate on the site despite advice and guidance, changing of locks to the site, deployment of CCTV and a concrete block by the Environment Agency to prevent access to the land. Compensation for the landowner is being applied for to pay towards clean up costs. An Environment Agency officer involved in the case said:
“This prosecution demonstrates that we take cases such as this very seriously and will not hesitate to prosecute if necessary, to protect the environment and local communities.”

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