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Clarity Offers Solutions for Refuse Derived Fuel

Clarity Environmental is now offering cost effective solutions for refuse derived fuel (RDF) or solid recovered fuel (SRF).

Refuse derived fuel (RDF) is a fuel produced by shredding and dehydrating solid waste that is unsuitable for traditional recycling. Consisting largely of combustible components of municipal waste, such as plastics and biodegradable waste, RDF captures the energy in non-recyclable waste and turns it into a replacement for fossil fuels, such as coal or oil.

Using our vast experience in the waste sector and also in TFS movements, Clarity is offering refuse derived fuel solutions both in the UK, where we are working on fuel pellet production, and also exporting to Europe, ready to be used as a fossil fuel replacement.

David Adams, Managing Director of Clarity, said: “Compared to sending the waste to landfill in the UK, exporting refuse derived fuel or solid recovered fuel for recovery is higher up the waste hierarchy and significantly reduces carbon emissions. We are proud to be an ethical business that actively seeks the best and most sustainable solutions for the environment, so we are pleased to be working with waste that can’t otherwise be recycled.”

If your company is looking for solutions for RDF or SRF or to find out more about our service, contact Clarity’s Waste & Recycling team on 0845 129 7177.

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