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A Message From Our Managing Director As We Reach the End of the Compliance Year

As the 2019 packaging compliance year comes to a close, Managing Director David Honcoop celebrates the work of our teams to successfully steer our business and members through a volatile market.

January is a notoriously busy time for all those involved in packaging compliance. And as we reach the end of another compliance year, I want to recognise our packaging and PRN trading teams who have, once again, confirmed that our packaging members can be fully confident when they choose Clarity to handle compliance on behalf of their business.

The packaging waste industry is facing challenging times, with new legislation, a tumultuous recycling market and volatile prices. But I am incredibly proud of how our teams have dealt with these uncertainties throughout 2019, effectively steering our business and our customers with resilience, a passion for the industry, and confidence in their knowledge of it. Despite these challenges, we have ensured our business and our members have complied with our obligations under the regulations for 2019; this is – and will continue to be – our number one priority.

We have had an outstanding period of business growth. I am delighted that we go forward into the 2020 compliance year with so many of our existing members, as well as welcoming new businesses to our scheme. So far, over 60 new members have joined our packaging compliance scheme, with more due to come on board in the coming weeks.

Despite our growing membership, we continue to pride ourselves on the dedicated service we give to our customers.

The fact that we move into a new year with such a high retention rate of our existing customers is testament to the teams’ efforts to do just that.

In 2019, we donated over £50,000 of our profits to good causes. As our business expands, so does our ability to be a good business doing good and I look forward to seeing where we can take this in 2020.

Whilst we are proud of the service we give to our customers, we know there are always ways we can keep improving. We use a variety of methods to gain customer feedback. If you have any comments about how we work with your business, please do get in touch with us on 0845 129 7177 or use our feedback form.

To talk to a member of our team about our Comply with Clarity packaging compliance scheme, get in touch on 0845 129 7177 or visit our website for more information.

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