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3 Actionable Steps to Better Manage EPR in Your Organisation

If you’re responsible for managing the transition into Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in your organisation you may feel challenged by the complexities and uncertainties of changing regulations.

Clarity’s team of experts answer questions on the transition to EPR daily, receiving extensive feedback on the quality of our support therefore, we wanted help more obligated businesses find greater ease throughout the transition into EPR and have written this article to provide practical steps to start making this easier today.

From Procurement, Sustainability, Finance and Operations, Product and Packaging Design, and Health and Safety to Data Management, Policy and Marketing professionals, each stakeholder brings unique perspectives and challenges to the table. As a fast-growing scheme successfully serving some of the world’s leading brands and retailers every day, retaining over 99% of our members every year, Clarity recognises the immense strain on professionals adapting to the new requirements. Our market-leading customer service ensures that our members navigate EPR smoothly. We hear from businesses every day in need of greater support and reaching out to us to benefit from our EPR expertise. We empathise with those who don’t have good support in place and may be facing challenges during the transition therefore we wanted to write this article to provide you with some actionable steps you can take to better manage EPR in your organisation:

We’re here not only to guide you through the compliance process but also to support you in becoming an EPR expert within your business. Here’s how you can start today.

1. Introduce EPR stakeholder briefings

Navigating EPR effectively requires a delicate balance of communication and collaboration across different departments and external partners. By introducing stakeholder briefings on EPR you are able to create understanding, explore the impact of EPR on your business as well as the actions your business can take to mitigate these impacts. 

Key information and documents that all stakeholders should have includes:  

  • A concise timeline of EPR developments and important dates 
  • A clear understanding of the information required and when 
  • An update on the financial implications of EPR and how this informs wider strategy 
  • A go to document outlining your business’s specific responsibilities under EPR  
  • A schedule or planner accessible to all stakeholders. This should enable progress monitoring in various areas such as PRN fulfilment and data gathering and submission updates. 

We are aware that with any policy reform, EPR can be a complex task to undertake which is why your Clarity Compliance Manager offers more than just guidance. We actively participate in stakeholder briefings within your organisation. By leveraging our expertise, we help bridge the gap between regulatory requirements and practical implications, ensuring that everyone is equipped with the knowledge they need to navigate EPR with confidence.  

Here’s what our members say:

We highly value the extra effort that Clarity continue to invest in accommodating our needs. Their willingness to go above and beyond in organising and facilitating meetings for us is truly appreciated. Clarity’s commitment to educating our business and board on Extended Producer Responsibility through insightful presentations has been invaluable. Our Compliance Manager’s knowledge base and informative contributions is greatly appreciated.

Aimia Foods

2. Request an Impact Statement 

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is reshaping the landscape of packaging compliance, with potential significant impacts on your organisation compared to the previous system. It’s crucial that your compliance scheme provides specific information and guidance on these impacts. Understanding the unique requirements of your business and their implications is essential for effective EPR planning. Obtaining an impact assessment empowers your organisation to make informed decisions at every stage of the process. 

Our members highly value our detailed guidance on the impact of EPR. Your Clarity Compliance Manager will offer an impact assessment that provides valuable insights, including cost implications. We equip our members with the necessary information to engage stakeholders across their businesses on the financial and logistical implications of EPR. 

Our goal is not just compliance, but strategic alignment with your business objectives, driving sustainable growth and success. 

Here’s what our members said: 

We have been working with Clarity Environmental for a few months now and we have nothing but positive feedback. Sam, Dan and the entire Clarity Environmental Team are very professional, knowledgeable, always happy to answer all of our questions, go the extra mile at every stage and great to work with in general. This team represents the highest levels of customer service we have experienced from any Environmental Compliance Scheme! We would recommend them unreservedly.

Upfield Foods

3. Communicate the Risks and Opportunities to Wider Stakeholders

With EPR compliance comes unique opportunities and risks across many departments of obligated businesses, requiring effective cross department collaboration. Here are some key risks to consider: 

  • Ensuring efficient and effective data gathering and submissions for compliance. 
  • Potential volatility in PRN pricing. 
  • Regulatory changes, such as the recent adjustments to the definitions of Household and Non-Household packaging waste. 

To support our members in communicating the risks and opportunities to wider stakeholders, we help to establish dedicated working groups, bringing together voices from sustainability, supply chain, finance, and legal. The more buy-in you can secure from different stakeholders, the smoother the transition to EPR, and the compliance process in general, will be.  

With your dedicated Compliance Manager taking an active role and offering expertise within these working groups, you can ensure that EPR remains a priority across all areas of your business. 

Given the number of risks and opportunities presented by EPR, if you’d like to explore how EPR will impact your business, simply book a consultation call with one of our packaging compliance experts below. 

In navigating the intricate landscape of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), at Clarity, we’ve not only identified these key challenges but have taken proactive steps to address them head-on. From the obligations of data submissions and PRN acquisition to the complexities of regulatory changes, our support has been received with great relief from our members, knowing that they are hearing directly from a team of experts. Through stakeholder briefings, impact assessments, and dedicated working groups, we ensure that every aspect of EPR is comprehensively addressed, making compliance not just a requirement, but a strategic advantage in your organisation.  

While informative resources aid understanding, sometimes you need more than just reading material; you need direct access to expertise. Using the form below, reach out to speak to one of our compliance experts today for a free EPR consultation.  

Join some of the world’s best-known brands in achieving packaging compliance with Clarity. 

Your business will enjoy competitive pricing, exceptional service, and a seamless transition to EPR for packaging. 

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